I have been designing, engineering, and hand-fabricating several closure mechanisms since 2001, when I first started combining industrial mesh with precious metals.

Out of clutter, find simplicity; out of discord, find harmony; in the middle of difficulty, find opportunity.
— Albert Einstein


IPSA™ and TALIS™, described below, have become the signature feature of my bracelets .

TALIS™ Closure Design by Mariana Sammartino.jpg


IPSA™ is a proprietary design for a closure mechanism and structure system that supports the stainless steel mesh body of some of my bracelet designs. Developed in 2001, it continues to be at the core of much of my work. 

A central band, the recognizable aesthetic feature on the inside of the piece, is the essential element that enables the system's function: the skeleton providing structure to the bracelet's body, tension for the closing mechanism, and supporting fastening elements in place -the seemingly decorative features all along the body of the bracelet are actually a fundamental functional feature of the design. The end caps are designed to securely and elegantly conceal the edges of the mesh element, while the incorporated clasp mechanism allows the two ends to open and close around the wrist securely and effortlessly. 

Over time, I have developed IPSA™ into a system that provides an elegant and effective solution; adapting and integrating the mechanism into the overall design to allow the one-of-a kind mesh forms I create -such as Atlantica and Gold Ripples bracelets, to be the central focus of the piece.  

Elegantly simple, deceptively complex, effortless to operate, effective, and reliable. I'm proud to keep stamping my mark on IPSA™.


TALIS™ is a proprietary design for a bracelet closure mechanism I developed to work with flexible/unstructured mesh --when there's no need for a supporting stiff frame or skeleton.

TALIS™ is based on a timeless hinge-and-pin catch principle (made inconspicuous and stripped off the nuisance of a security chain) that conceals the mechanism inside the structure that also holds the mesh ends.

I designed and engineered the TALIS™ mechanism to be secure and reliable, yet to be operated with ease -this bracelet closure does not require assistance to open and close.  

I hand fabricate TALIS™, adapting the mechanism to be integral to the style of each piece.