The wall, reimagined

One-of-a-kind art panels and custom wall surfaces


No two MURALIS art panels and wall surface pieces are exactly alike. Each piece is designed and hand-crafted in my studio, where I approach re-purposed woven wire mesh remnants (made for industrial applications) as if they were precious metals. Altering their expression, and placing them in a new context transforms them into art. 

The work of manipulating these materials, using the RUGA technique, becomes a purely expressive surface that intends to capture the gesture of the hand, the imprint of the tools, and the movement of fire, to create a captivating and evocative surface. Imaginative associations –a bird’s eye view of an intricate topography, a sliver of weathered tree bark, a wild fossil vestige, relate to the form temper and tonality borrowed from nature. The textured surface surface invites the viewer to enjoy subtle shifts in perception that occur based on changes in ambient lighting, the degree of transparency of the materials.

MURALIS works are suitable for interior and exterior environments and are available in stainless steel or bronze woven wire cloth, natural or flame-patina finish. The works are fire-resistant, and stainless steel patinas are also UV proof and washable. Bronze surfaces are sealed or left to develop the unique patina of time.