Art Objects to Express your Individuality

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Jewelry / Wearable Art

Timeless contemporary jewelry that bridges the worlds of art, craft, and design. Limited edition and one-of-a-kind statement pieces, crafted with precision.

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Art objects that go from sculpture to limited edition tabletop, to site specific art installation, to wearable art, flying in the face of traditional categorizations.

| INFINITO | Vasis |


Handcrafted wall and surface treatments and art panels -- from ready-to-hang limited edition works, and custom wall, screen or furniture applications -- to site specific art installations. 

Muralis | Ruga |

I aspire to enrich other people’s lives through my work. When one of my pieces inspires a sense of connection or identification in the viewer, we are, in a sense, sharing an experience that taps into a deeper, intangible, aspect of ourselves.”
— Mariana Sammartino