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Latitude 40N


Brooch | Stainless Steel woven wire cloth, 18K Gold, 925 Silver | 

| 70mm diameter, 10mm height | convert dimensions to inches


This brooch was conceived as part of an ongoing investigation in which I use folding and pleating techniques to create form and volume. The folding patterns determine the form -- as opposed to having a material treatment imposed onto a form.

A deceptively complex geometry of the folds generates a curvature and sets a pattern of centrifugal lines. The gold elements that sit between the folds aren't just a decorative element but a crucial component of the design; they anchor the folded mesh to the back side of the brooch.

This piece speaks of my sense of place, of my connection to the locations where I have lived, and how deeply I am influenced by my surroundings. Both Mendoza, my birthplace at the foot of the Andes in Argentina, and Denver, at the foot hills of the Colorado Rockies, provided inspiration for this work. The design evokes the peaks and valleys of the mountainous terrain in both these wonderful places where I continue to have strong ties to this day. The name, "Latitude 40 N," refers to Denver's Latitude.

I chose gold because, as light hits the piece, the stainless steel peaks and valleys appear to be bathed in golden tone reflections. The dynamic effect, not unlike that of golden rays of sunshine, provides a kinetic effect that resembles the rotating movement of a Ferris wheel or bicycle.

Find out why Anna Tahinci, professor and Head of Art History at The Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston,  has called Latitude 40N my 'iconic' piece.

As an Art Historian, I consider Latitude 40N Mariana Sammartino’s most iconic piece, both aesthetically and conceptually.”
— Ana Tahinci, Ph.D.