FOLIUM is an ongoing investigation based on the study of making three dimensional forms with planes; using two-dimensional geometries to create volume.  

The multiple layers that give form to FOLIUM are flat, the successive repetition of plane and space creates the illusion of solidity, the volume is defined as much by each layer as by the spaces in between. 

I begin by tracing the shapes on the metal sheet -anywhere between 20 and over 100 depending on the work; I then cut and polish the edges of each shape, and arrange them according to the form pattern.  Stacking, bending, folding, and spacing sequentially I give form to the three dimensional volume. The high luster polished edges render a soft texture, and define the contours of the form with reflecting highlights as the piece moves when worn. The process is entirely hand-crafted from start to finish.

Sensuous surfaces and intriguing voids reveal sculptural forms with minimalist lines and evocative curvatures.


Folium Brooch #2 by Mariana Sammartino Metalsmith

The pieces in FOLIUM are intentionally monochromatic. The natural color of the metal highlights the form and the polished edges render each piece with a soft, sensuous surface texture that is designed to reflect the light through movement, as it's worn.

The FOLIUM series includes large statement neckpieces, pendants, brooches, and rings that invite the viewer or wearer to touch and interact with them.