Dress your walls with one-of-a-kind art panels and custom wall installations hand crafted in metal woven wire mesh.  MURALIS brings the contemporary art wall covering to your home, office or commercial establishment in a variety of iterations. Art panels are ready to hang as one piece, or in compositions of multiple panels. Larger, custom pieces can be installed directly on to entire wall sections (in an entry way; above a fireplace mantle; as a backdrop behind a reception desk); framed as a room divider screen; or customized to cover columns, beams, or back splashes.

Reusing and re-purposing materials is an important aspect of my work. The stainless steel, bronze, brass, and copper mesh I incorporate in the MURALIS designs are made for industrial applications. In my studio they become my precious materials. Manipulating them, altering their expression, and placing them in a new context transforms them into art.


For the Muralis panels and custom installations, I'm currently using my proprietary Ruga™ technique to achieve layers of texture, color, transparency, and shimmer. 

Rich textures and a color palate borrowed from nature are at the heart of every wall panel and custom surface treatment — from hot rust and golden lava to deep ocean blue and amethyst violet. Both the surface texture pattern and the heat patina colors are unique to each piece. The results are not reproducible, rather, they vary by the choice of material and my creative vision for the work. Different types of lighting, as well as the viewer's viewpoint, can dramatically change the piece appearance, and determine the visual experience.

For the mounted wall panels, the selected section is suspended over a supporting board by spacers to allow light to pass through the mesh and bounce off the reflective  surface behind it.

Dimensions and proportions vary, and custom installations are site-specific.  Room divider screens are custom made. Please enquire to discuss your idea or project.  For detailed art panel information select any item in the Wall Treatments SHOP