The GORSE Series is named after a prickly bush with dark branches and yellow flowers that grows in the Scottish Highlands, near a place I lived some time ago. Like flowers moving in the wind, capturing the eye as they reflect light, the shimmering gold appears and disappears form sight as the pieces are worn, creating a kinetic effect.


Although the Gorse series is comprised of only two pieces, a limited edition bracelet and a one-of-a-kind choker/neck piece, the work stands apart because of the material used: a type of stainless steel wire mesh that is knitted instead of woven. Utilized for a variety of industrial applications, my interest in repurposing this material was sparked by chance, when somebody included a few small rolls in a box of scraps. This  metal mesh presents another opportunity to explore the marriage of industrial and precious metals, and methods that combine manufacturing and handcrafted processes to create modern and timeless pieces of jewelry.   

The body of the Gorse pieces is made out of the stainless steel knitted wire mesh treated with a dark patina. I individually hand forged  the shimmering gold elements out of 14K or 18K yellow gold. Both the bracelet clasp (LIBER™) and choker closure (HERA™) are my own proprietary designs, and are fabricated out of sterling silver with an oxidized finish.