The VASIS body of work follows my interest in creating three dimensional forms from simple flat patterns. Most of the pieces in this group start as one flat piece that is transformed through folding, pleating, creasing, and twisting into a three dimensional shape.  In this series I often work with my PLICATO technique  

They all take the universally recognizable vessel form, which, to me, is "a container of possibilities". The transparency and open weave of the metal mesh, and the slight, pliable structure are perceived as a vessel form that won't hold water, may not stand on its own, or that may be altered in shape through manipulation. However, the sculptural form can not only be displayed as a standalone art object; it can also be used as a vase, to be filled with either a botanical arrangement or a candle, or battery operated accent light.

The mesh is treated as a translucent membrane that defines a space: both the exterior silhouette, which defines its outer boundary, and an interior space that can also be slightly altered.


The irregular, gentle, but close together accordion folding gives the mesh structural strength and flexibility. The degree of stiffness depends on the type of mesh used. I'm able to further manipulate the more pliable types after the initial folding,  stretching to expand and compressing to contract until I find the desired shape/contour for the form (you can also do this at home!).



I apply a flame patina to achieve color variations, and add shimmer/iridescent effects that enhance the material's transparency and give it a special glow. This patina is very stable on stainless steel, will not change or deteriorate in contact with air, water, common household chemicals.